Surfboard Inspired Restored Vintage Razor - Shave Ready J.R. Torrey Blade


A beautiful, exotic piece inspired by the classic look of traditional wooden surfboards. This razor features two handsome woods from two sources that are literally an ocean apart, over a strong base of New York-grown maple. A strip of African zebrawood and South American tulipwood is separated by a strip of sky-blue acrylic, representing the ocean separating the continents these woods hail from.

Scales have been carefully crafted to perfectly balance the finely-restored, shave-ready vintage J.R. Torrey blade chosen for this piece.

The Joseph R. Torrey Razor Company was founded in 1858 and started manufacturing razors in 1880. This razor's blade was manufactured in Worcester, Massachusetts between that date and around the end of World War 1 (~1918)

Wedge has been crafted of zebrawood, tulipwood and acrylic to match instrument's outer wood layers. Tang is stamped with "E J.R.TORREY CO.; US; WORCESTER.MASS" on one side and features jimps for added control and safety. Hardware is brass and copper and razor has been sealed with a water-resistant teak oil finish.


6 1/4" (closed)
9 1/2" (open)



Edge Length:
2 3/4"

Blade Width:

Half Hollow

This razor has been honed to a shave-ready state by a professional honemeister using an 8-step progression:

1. 220 grit Norton Water Stone
2. 1000 grit Norton Water Stone
3. 4000 grit Norton Water Stone
4. 6000 grit Japanese Water Stone
5. 8000 grit Japanese Water Stone
6. 12000 grit Japanese Water Stone
7. 3 micron diamond paste on balsa wood
8. 1 micron diamond paste on balsa wood

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