Astonishing Restored Straight Razor Featuring Six Exotic Woods and Shave-Ready Blade

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Astonishing doesn't really cut it.

This is a one-of-a-kind straight razor featuring scales carefully handcrafted from birdseye maple, yellowheart, african blackwood, New York-grown cherry, spalted tamarind and cherry burl. It's been paired with a beautifully-restored H.M. Christensen blade from the first half of the 20th century, which has been polished to a mirror finished and professionally honed to shave readiness.

The H.M. Christensen company was in business from 1889 to 1957 in Brockton, Massachusetts. This blade is likely from their later years.

Tang is stamped "H.M. CHRISTENSEN; BROCKTON,MASS" on one side and "WARRANTED" on the other. Pins are polished brass and stainless steel, and wedge is cherry burl. Scales have been treated with a water-resistant teak oil finish.


6 3/8" (closed)
9 1/2" (open)



Edge Length:
2 5/8"

Blade Width:

Half Hollow

This razor has been honed to a shave-ready state by a professional honemeister using an 8-step progression:

1. 220 grit Norton Water Stone
2. 1000 grit Norton Water Stone
3. 4000 grit Norton Water Stone
4. 6000 grit Japanese Water Stone
5. 8000 grit Japanese Water Stone
6. 12000 grit Japanese Water Stone
7. 3 micron diamond paste on balsa wood
8. 1 micron diamond paste on balsa wood

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