Straight Razor Honing/Sharpening Service


Our straight razor honing service consists of sharpening to shave readiness* on the following series of honing stones (as needed):

1. 220 grit Norton Water Stone
2. 1000 grit Norton Water Stone
3. 4000 grit Norton Water Stone
4. 6000 grit Japanese Water Stone
5. 8000 grit Japanese Water Stone
6. 12000 grit Japanese Water Stone
7. 3 micron diamond paste on balsa wood
8. 1 micron diamond paste on balsa wood

Please contact us before purchase if you require bevel correction, nick repair, or other restoration services.

After purchasing a honing session, we will contact you with our address. Just send your razor (please insure it!), and we'll send it back shave ready. If we can't make it shave ready we'll send it back and give you a full refund.

*Please note: we do not hone razors of Chinese or Pakistani origin (including razors sold as "Gold Dollar" or "Damascus Steel"). These can rarely be made shave ready due to poor-quality steel.


You may return any order within 30 days of receipt for a full refund. Must be returned in same condition as shipped.

All of our items come with a 2-year guarantee. Roosevelt Grooming Company stands behind each and every one of our products and will be more than happy to repair or replace any product that disappoints you after the 30-day refund period. Please contact us before you return any product.

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