Making Your Shave the Most Honest Part of Your Day

"The Barber's Hour"

As president, Theodore Roosevelt would set aside an hour each day to meet with reporters. It was an hour of the plain-spoken candor Roosevelt would become famous for. Reporters were encouraged to ask any questions they liked, and received honest, straightforward answers. It should come as no surprise that this hour, the "Barber's Hour," as it came to be known, took place during Roosevelt's daily shave.

Over the years our world has changed. Our morning rituals have become rushed and routine and our lives have followed suit. The objects we surround ourselves with are increasingly mass-produced, sometimes heartless commodities. We don't need to look very far to see the effect such a drab, uninspired existence has had on us and on the world.

But what if you could bring a bit of Roosevelt's time and honesty back into your day? What if you could start with your own "Barber's Hour," (even if that "hour" may only last ten minutes or so for many of us)?

When you hold a straight razor that has been crafted with quality materials and first-rate design you're going to feel different. A work of art made with skill and love feels more luxurious, meaningful and honest in your hand, and against your skin. And when your shave is done and your day begins, it's the kind of feeling that you'll bring with you. Because as countless men like Roosevelt have learned, and are still learning, an honest day begins with an honest shave.

Our products are:

• Artisanally designed and formulated
• Produced on demand and in small batches
• Made with natural ingredients
• Vegan and animal friendly
• Proudly made in New York State

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